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Join the Forestry Commission’s online forum to discuss ideas for the future management of the toilet block, car park and campsite at Birchden Wood, near Tunbridge Wells.

Birchden Wood is important to climbers using nearby Harrison’s Rocks, but it is also popular with families, cyclists and walkers with its easy access trail and sculptures, which add an element of fun for young visitors. 

At present there is an agreement with Sport England to manage and maintain the toilet block, campsite and car park. This agreement and funding to manage the facilities expires in November 2014 and unless a viable alternative is forthcoming, the toilets and campsite may have to close. The toilets are currently undergoing repairs but should open again in January while a way forward is explored.

Before any decisions are made the Forestry Commission would like to hear the views, ideas and suggestions of all visitors to Birchden Wood and Harrison's Rocks.

The discussion will run from 2 December until 10 January 2014.

How to take part

There are two ways to get involved:


Visit the Forestry Commission’s Birchden Wood web page at:

The online discussion provides an opportunity to share ideas and contribute to views about the future of the visitor facilities at Birchden Wood. As well as contributing your own ideas, the forum enables you to rate and comment on ideas suggested by others, which allows the Forestry Commission to understand consensus views.

By post

If you would prefer to comment by post, please write to: Victoria Tustian, Community Officer, Forestry Commission, East of England Office, Santon Downham, Suffolk, IP27 0TJ

Please note that submissions made by post will not be added to the online discussion and will therefore not be able to receive support from other forest users.

What Happens Next?

The initial discussion will continue until 10 January 2014 and once the Forestry Commission has considered the comments, the next steps will be decided.  Depending upon the level of responses to this process, findings and proposals will be published by 24 January 2014 on the Forestry Commission’s Birchden Wood web page.


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