Strategic Plans To Guide Future Management of the National Forest Estate

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Forestry Commission Scotland has published ten refreshed strategic plans describing how its locally based teams around the country will manage the estate over the next three years. 

The ‘District Strategic Plans for the National Forest Estate 2014-2017’ set out what the National Forest Estate will deliver at the regional level in Scotland and also show how local plans contribute to the national picture.

Doug Knox, who has led the process, said; 

“Forest management and timber production are at the heart of what we do and we’re not proposing any major shift away from our current practices. 

“However, we’ve also highlighted that by looking at the bigger picture in the early stages of our land management planning, we can make use of our skills and expertise to ensure that the Estate delivers many more benefits to many more people.”

A public consultation aimed at getting views on priorities and management principles for managing the National Forest Estate at the regional level took place between February and July 2014.

Doug added:

“All of our woodlands are independently certified as sustainably managed under UK Woodland Assurance Scheme.  Keeping people informed of management proposals affecting the National Forest Estate is an important part of maintaining this certification. 

“The District Strategic Plans will help set the regional context for our land management proposals.”

Links to the plans can be accessed via

For further information, please email   or write to: District Strategic Plans Co-ordinator, Forest Enterprise Scotland Head Office, 1 Highlander Way, Inverness Business Park,  Inverness, IV2 7GB   or telephone: 01463 232811

1) The public consultation on the draft plans as well as the accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) took place between February and July 2014. The consultation was aimed at anyone who derives – or could potentially derive - some benefit from the national forest estate, including: individuals; community woodland groups; volunteer groups; minority groups; forestry, timber and recreation business partners; national and local government: and national and local interest groups.

2) The way the District Strategic Plans will be implemented is described and reported in greater detail through:

3) Forestry Commission Scotland serves as part of the Scottish Government’s Environment & Forestry Directorate.  Forest Enterprise Scotland is an agency of Forestry Commission Scotland charged with managing the 630,000ha National Forest Estate in ways that deliver benefits to Scotland’s people, communities, biodiversity and economy.

4) Media enquiries to Paul Munro, Forestry Commission Scotland press office, 0300 067 6507