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NEWS RELEASE No: 1660425 JULY 2016

Forest yield calculations go digital

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A digital version of the forest yield models used daily by foresters has been published by the Forestry Commission.

Forest Yield is a PC-based version of the paper-based, Booklet 48 yield models which have been indispensable to professional foresters and forestry researchers in Great Britain for decades.

Downloadable from the Forest Research website, the software provides the user with estimates of various aspects of tree growth for a wide range of tree species, yield classes and management prescriptions. The species are all grown in the British Isles. The software and the user manual are supported by a handbook on forest growth and yield tables for those who want to know more about the theory underpinning yield modelling.

Announcing the launch of Forest Yield, Roger Coppock, Head of Corporate and Forestry Support at the Forestry Commission, said,

“Yield models are one of the foundations of forest management. They provide information about the patterns of tree growth and potential productivity that can be expected in forest stands of different tree species, with varying growth rates, when managed in different ways.

“Yield models are in daily use for making forest management decisions, forecasting production levels, making timber supply commitments, planning and scheduling forest operations, and demonstrating the sustainability of forest operations.

“Their outputs also support many other calculations and models. These include the modelling of timber and wood properties, the estimation of forest biomass and carbon stocks, the modelling of forest greenhouse gas balances, and the economic evaluation of forestry policies and management options.

“This digital version provides new functionality to make it simpler and faster to use the models. Forest Yield will therefore be an invaluable tool for a range of forest and woodland managers and practitioners, researchers and students.”

The software package costs £50, including a complimentary handbook, while the handbook can be bought on its own for £19, without the software.

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