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NEWS RELEASE No: 1624917 APRIL 2014

Moors Valley Country Park unaffected by heathland fire

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Following yesterday’s fire at Watchmoor Bike Park, Moors Valley Country Park and its visitor facilities are open as normal and will continue to be open across the Easter weekend.

The location of the fire was away from the visitor centre and so did not affect the car park or any of the site's visitor facilities.

We are fortunate in England that forest fires very rarely cause major incidents but we should still take care and remain vigilant. Dry conditions can increase the risk of forest fires. Visitors should stay on the look out and report any suspected fires by dialling 999 and asking for the Fire and Rescue Service.

The Forestry Commission also advises the following precautions:

1.     Do use designated barbecue sites and follow the Forestry Commission’s Safe Barbecue Code

2.     Do use a portable ashtray supplied at some of our sites. Or dispose of your cigarette safely and ensuring it has been stubbed out

3.     Do call 999 immediately if you see a forest fire

4.     Do not put disposable barbecues on wooden structures such as play equipment or on picnic tables

5.     Do not throw cigarettes out of car windows or drop them on the forest floor when you are driving or walking in the forest

6.     Do not drop glass of any kind on the forest floor; this can sometimes start a fire, not to mention cutting somebody or injuring an animal if it is broken.

7.     Never start a campfire as they can get out of hand very quickly


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