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NEWS RELEASE No: 165825 MAY 2016

Happy 10th Birthday for the Kielder Vintage and Classic Vehicle Show

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Morris Miner

The Kielder Vintage and Classic Vehicle Show is celebrating its 10th anniversary with this year’s show taking place on 8 May. Over the past decade, over 1500 historic vehicles have been on display in the show from motorbikes to Minis, and trucks to tractors.

Wesley Turnbull, one of the show’s organisers said

“It’s fantastic to think that this is the 10th anniversary of the show – it really is a firm fixture in calendar for classic vehicle enthusiasts. There have been many highlights on display over the years from a Model T Ford to a rare Bristol van.

Each and every vehicle on display has an amazing history, some found in barns, some very low mileage, some with thousands spent on them to get them back to their former glory”

The event will get underway with a classic car run on the 7 May, with up to 50 vehicles driving the route which starts and finishes at Bellingham and will take vehicles through the Northumberland countryside. The vehicle show will take place at Kielder Castle Visitor centre the following day.

The classic vehicles will be on display in the Kielder Castle visitor centre car park. The Castle was the former hunting lodge for the Duke of Northumberland until the end of the World War Two, when it then became the headquarters of the Forestry Commission until they relocated to Bellingham when Kielder Water was built.

Spectators can enjoy the variety of cars, tractors, motorcycles and commercial vehicles as well as more common but now rare cars such as the humble Morris Marina which was one of the most family cars sold in the UK in the 1970’s.

One 1977 Morris Marina which will be on display, is owned by one of the other organisers, Alex MacLennan Recreation, Public Affairs Manager for Forestry Commission North East. He has had the vehicle, his first car, since 1988.  The vehicle was first registered in Aberdeenshire and believed to be the only working one left in the country.

Alex and Wesley came up with the concept for the show 11 years ago, and are both delighted how well the event has been supported over the years and still going strong 10 years on. Alex explains:

“Being an old car owner myself, I knew creating an event to celebrate historical vehicles would be a hit in the North Tyne Valley. The event is not only about the historical vehicles, but is also an annual community event with many people coming to Kielder Castle to catch up with friends and family, and see visitors enjoy these machines in a wonderful setting.

Working with Wesley has been key to all this. Wesley is well known in the vintage vehicle scene and brings to the partnership a wealth of knowledge that would be difficult for us to deliver otherwise.

The event is all put on by volunteers and great credit to everyone the event is still strong and now includes the classic vehicle run the day before which is very popular”.

A slice of Forestry Commission history will also be on display at the show, with two of the original Commission vehicles, an Austin A35 van and a rare Holder Tractor which have been carefully restored and brought back to their gleaming former glory days. Alex adds:

“It’s always lovely to see the old Austin on show in the courtyard in the summer. It’s a real talking point with many visitors. It’ll be a great day out for visitors and there’s plenty to do if you’re spending the day there, with our walking and biking trails to explore and the Kielder Castle Café for a pit stop through the day.”

The Vintage and Classic Vehicle Show on 8 May opens at 11am and finishes at 4 pm.

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