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Complete our forest machinery survey and help improve forestry services

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Forward Harvester Hustyns

Forest Research, the research agency of the Forestry Commission, is calling on all forest harvesting machinery owners and operators to complete its forest machinery census  - and provide valuable data about the current state of the harvesting resource in England, Scotland and Wales. 

The survey, seeks to understand the nature, size and capability of the harvesting resource throughout England, Scotland and Wales. 

The survey, which is anonymous, will inform better targeting of research and training and other support to the forestry sector. The last such survey took place in 2001 but considerable progress has been made since then in the scale and sophistication of forest machinery. 

Duncan Ireland, Forest Research’s Technical Development Project Manager said:

“The harvesting sector has undergone a great deal of change since the last survey was done.

“Silviculture and market conditions have evolved and the type of machinery used today has responded, becoming more sophisticated and diverse. Efficiency and capacity have also increased.

“Updating our insight about the forest machinery in use today will help us to gauge the strength of the sector and its ability to meet future needs throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

“I would urge anyone who owns or operates forest harvesting machinery to spend a few minutes doing the survey. It will benefit everyone working in the forest harvesting sector.”

The census is online and contains 21 questions. It will run until February 2017, with a report containing the results published in spring 2017.