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Santa Hacks for a perfect Christmas from Forestry Commission England

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Christmas Tree sales

As experts in trees Santa has given Forestry Commission England’s Christmas trees his 100% approval. He has also shared with us his tips and craft ideas to make this Christmas the best yet! From getting the tree back from the forest to making the perfect decorations, here is a list of Santa Hacks for the perfect Christmas.

1. Choose the perfect tree - Do you prefer citrus-smelling needles, or pine? Thick, bushy branches, or wide and symmetrical? Answer four quick questions to discover which tree best suits you!

2. Care for your tree - Preventing needles from dropping and green from fading on your Christmas tree requires a little bit of care and attention. Follow our top tips for a longer lasting, healthier real Christmas tree!

3. Make a sapling pot - Every Santa Certified Christmas tree comes with a free baby Christmas tree sapling! Learn how to make a pot for your sapling with this great Santa Hack, and yours will live longer.

4. Make and use natural decorations - Santa helped us find the best tips for finding, creating and using natural Christmas decorations! Have a go at making your own.

5. Get your tree home - How do you transport a Christmas tree back from the forest? After Santa dropped by to give us his seal of approval, he told us his favourite ways to get his tree home from the forest!

6. Reuse dropped needles - Our trees have better needle retention than most, but for those pesky few needles which fall, we've found some fantastic uses for reusing them in creative ways!

7. Fix your star on top of your tree - Your tree is sparkling with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights, but that elusive top-piece is proving hard to reach! Luckily, Santa showed us a great technique to fix your star to the top of your Christmas tree.

Real Christmas trees are available directly from forests, at 17 sites across England! All trees come with a free sapling and a 100% Santa approved certificate which includes some fun activities for all to enjoy!

There is also so much more to offer than just buying a tree. Many of our sales centres offer a whole Christmas experience including a Santa’s grotto and a whole range of activities for both little and big kids to get into the festive spirit!

To find your nearest centre, purchase a 100% Santa approved Christmas tree online or check out top tree tips on keeping your tree fresh and healthy over the festive holidays visit


Notes to editors

1. The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible in England for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woods and forests and increasing their value to society and the environment.

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise     England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.

2. Forestry Commission England sells around 50,000 Christmas trees each year from 25 Christmas tree sales centres.

Christmas tree sale centres:




1.       Haldon Forest, Exeter


2.       Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire


3.       Birches Valley, Cannock Chase


4.       Delamere Forest, Cheshire


5.       Moors Valley, East Dorset


6.       Alice Holt, Surrey


7.       Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire


8.       New Park, Hampshire


9.       Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent


10.     Wendover Woods, Ayelsbury


11.     Hamsterley Forest, Durham


12.     Whinlatter Forest, Cumbria

13.     Rothbury Forest, Rothbury

14.     Dalby Forest, North York Moors

15.     Guisborough Forest, North Yorkshire

16.     Cardinham Woods, Cornwall

17.     Grizedale Forest, Cumbria


What are the advantages of real over fake Christmas trees?

  • Real trees are a renewable resource – another tree is planted for every one harvested
  • It has been estimated that real trees used 10-times fewer basic materials and 5-times less energy than artificial trees
  • Real trees are totally biodegradable and can be recycled and made into compost
  • Real trees are the traditional option and also provide a Christmassy scent
  • Growing real Christmas trees helps sustain the UK rural economy and provides jobs

 Why you should you buy a real Christmas tree from the Forestry Commission?

  • The Forestry Commission only sells trees that are grown in a sustainable manner in the UK - for every tree harvested another is replanted.
  • Every tree sold will come with a free sapling, allowing you to plant and grow you own real Christmas tree.
  • Environmental factors are considered carefully on sites where Forestry Commission trees are taken from.
  • The Forestry Commission endeavours to provide excellent quality trees, with good needle retention, in a range of species including the traditional Norway spruce, dense, bushy pines and shapely firs.
  • The large number and choice of species available on site provides a very good range to select from - your ideal tree will be there somewhere
  • Many of our sales centres offer much more than just buying a tree, but a whole Christmas experience, with a Santa's grotto, and a whole range of activities for both little and big kids to get into the festive spirit!