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World champion mountain biker Evie Richards reveals why she loves cycling in the nation’s forests

World champion mountain biker Evie Richards reveals why she loves cycling in the nation’s forests

Coming from an outdoorsy family, Evie was naturally sporty from a young age and always dreamt of competing in the Olympics. Although she was able to cycle shortly after walking, in her final year of secondary school Evie was doing every sport possible to reach her goal apart from cycling.

“I was doing every sport possible and I played regional level hockey most days after school. I got told to pick up another sport for fitness and at the time my dad had just got a ride to work scheme bike, so it was the perfect sport to spend some more time with my dad and also to exercise to benefit my fitness” recalls Evie.

This decision proved to be a turning point. Evie would use the money she earnt in her part time job at the local farm shop to buy new bits for her bike and then started entering a few races.  Very quickly she got selected to race in Norway.

“That one trip made me fall in love with MTBing. I loved how you didn’t need to rely on anyone; I could just jump on my bike roll out the door and straight into the trails.” said Evie.

Now hooked, the next step for Evie was to continually develop her mountain biking skills. When asked if this was easy, she commented:

“I would love to say yes it’s so easy to develop skills, but it’s not! It takes a lot of hard work and hours to get better, but it would be boring if skills were easy to learn, and that’s the amazing thing about cycling, there are always so many new skills to develop! However we are so lucky in the UK to have such a diverse set of trails and environments which is the perfect place to learn.”

With so many great cycle trails on our doorstep, Evie describes being out in nature is one of the things she loves most about mountain biking and one of her favourite places to cycle is Forestry Commission England’s, Forest of Dean.

“I love the peace and quiet, being around nature with no worries, it’s so freeing.”  

Now a world champion, Evie would encourage all families to give cycling a go and when asked for her advice, she said:

“Don’t make cycling a chore or see it as something you have to do, turn it into an adventure. Head out to somewhere new take a picnic or stop at a cafe for an ice cream. You will see some amazing new locations and your body will be so thankful of the exercise.”

Over the summer, Forestry Commission England are encouraging families to get outside and master those pedals!

Six Forestry Commission Sites in England will have an exclusive children’s cycling area. The area will provide a safe space where children aged 3 plus can learn essential skills designed to take them from balance to pedal bike. Once those pedals have been mastered, riders are on track to becoming a Forest Cycle Superstar. Fun, cycling challenges designed to build a child’s confidence and skills on their bike are available to download from

With some of the best off-road cycling in the country, you will find easy to moderate trails to suit the whole family, for more information visit


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