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Explore The Marches
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The Marches Forest Area extends from just north of Shrewsbury south to Leominster and across to the Welsh border.

The wooded hills of the Marches. West Midlands FDThe undulating landscape of this area is punctuated with woodland sites many of which have historical significance.


Walking trails for everyone

Trails for everyone can be found across our woodlands. Haughmond Hill and Mortimer Forest have surfaced easy access trails suitable for buggies and mobility scooters.

Cycling and MTB trails

Raw Trails for Riders, this part of the country is known for its hills. We have rocky, rooty trails in Eastridge and Hopton Woods suitable for experienced riders.

Horse riding

Horse Riders are welcome on the network of bridleways and surfaced forest roads within our woodlands.

What do other visitors say?

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Yesterday I visited Haughmond Hill for the first time. I walked there from Shrewsbury via the canal footpath that took me to the Uffington Gate. I found the viewing platform without difficulty via the public footpaths, but wanted a more direct route back to Uffington, so followed a surfaced pathway that took me to the Cafe.

From the map on the Cafe wall, I couldnt see how to reach the Uffington Gate, so I asked. The first member of staff was unfamiliar with the site, so referred me to her colleague. She was helpful, showed me a paper map (which I purchased) and told me I needed to go back the way Id come and to get onto the blue route by following the yellow then red routes.

There were three problems with her directions. First, she assumed Id arrived via the blue, red and yellow routes; I hadnt, but I didnt know that. Second, the map didnt show either the Uffington Gate or how to reach the public footpath to it from the blue route. Third, the map inside the leaflet is facing South; not only is that unconventional, its the opposite of the map on the outside of the leaflet. It made orientation really challenging. Eventually I gave up and took a taxi back to town.

Here are my suggestions for improving the printed map for people who arrive on foot via an entrance other than the main one.

1. Re-orient it so North is at the top.

2. Show the entire site including the gates.

3. Show, on the map, the symbols used for the yellow, red and blue routes. Initially I mistook the public footpath signs for the yellow route.

Otherwise, I enjoyed my visit and plan to return.

Sue Gerrard, 25/Jun/2017

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