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London Tree & Woodland policies


Through close working with the Mayor of London’s office, we have helped produce pan London policy guidance.

The capital’s trees provide a huge range of benefits to people and the environment, including keeping the city cool, improving air quality, reducing surface water run off, biodiversity and amenity value.

They also provide valuable products such as wood and food, as well as creating a beautiful, green city that attracts economic investment.

Through policy, these benefits are recognised so trees and woodland are adequately protected and well managed for now and future generations

London Trees and Woodland Framework

The London Tree and Woodland Framework, launched in 2005, is part of the Environment Strategy of the Greater London Authority. Along with the Forestry Commission Corporate Plan and Government Forestry Policy Statement, it directs our priorities in London.

The Framework is referred to in other strategic plans such as the London Plan and the London Spatial Framework. It is also referenced in Local Authority policies and plans.

New Supplementary Planning Guidance on Urban Forestry Strategies

In February 2013 the Mayor published new Supplementary Planning Guidance; Preparing Borough Tree and Woodland Strategies.

Aimed at local authorities the guidance provides a modular approach for producing a tree and woodland strategy that is both flexible and achievable where resources are scarse.

Last updated: 31st January 2018