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FC London work plan

Each year we produce a work plan that summarises our proposed work and priorities for the year, based on the objectives in the Forestry Commission Corporate Plan, Government Forestry Policy and the London Trees and Woodlands Framework.

FC London work plan for 2018-19

We also review our activities at the end of the year against the work plan: 2014-15 , 2015-16 , 2016-17 , 2017-18

FC London team
Alison Field – Area Director for London and the South East – who has a strategic overview of the area.

Craig Harrison – London Manager – overseeing and supervising our activity in London against the FC workplan.

Twitter @CraigHarrisonFC

Andrew Hoppit – OPM Project Manager – coordinating FC work to control the spread of Oak Processionary Moth in London.

Andy Glover – Woodland Officer – dealing with grants and regulations relating to London’s woodlands, and providing woodland advice to landowners.

Other FC colleagues provide support and get involved in specific projects where appropriate - for example Forest Enterprise (managing land in Thames Chase), Forest Research, Plant Health GB and the Policy Advice Team







Last updated: 5th May 2018