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Squirrels and England's Woodlands

GREY SQUIRREL.Our grey squirrel policy and action plan reaffirms government’s commitment to work with land owners and other organisations as part of a reinforced package of measures to support  targeted grey squirrel control to protect both red squirrels and woodlands. 

The action plan includes:

  • Additional measure in forestry options of Countryside Stewardship for land managers to control grey squirrels (not just in red squirrel areas but in woodlands where squirrels are a threat to management plan objectives)
  • Plans for a national squirrel partnership to help local groups outside of grant schemes
  • Support for research and evidence (for example squirrel pox vaccine and fertility control work)
  • Taking action on its land holding (public forest estate)


Report on the evidence consultation response

Squirrels in the UK - An Accord - August 2014


Last updated: 24th March 2017