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Grown in Britain

Grown in Britain logoGrown in Britain is a programme to create a new and stronger market pull for the array of products derived from our woodlands and forests, develop private sector funding and harness the positive energy and feelings towards our woodlands and forests.

It is a movement that is bringing together:

• environmentalists and woodland owners
• contractors, builders and retailers
• woodland managers, public and private agencies

How are we contributing?

Some examples of how the Forestry Commission is supporting the Grown in Britain campaign:

  • Provide seed corn funding to help get Grown in Britain up and running
  • Ensure public procurement is not a barrier to market for woodland owners and managers
  • Raise awareness of value importance of home grown wood products
  • Use Public Forest Estate to explain value of wood and forests

Get involved or learn more 

From tree to table

Video courtesy of Grown in Britain partner Heals

Last updated: 31st January 2018