Russell Anderson

Project Manager

Russell Anderson


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Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Russell joined Forest Research in 1978, where he has specialised in soils, hydrology, peatlands and ecology. He studied Forest Science at Edinburgh in 2000-03.

Current role

Project Manager

Current programmes

Affiliations and achievements

  • Member of British Ecological Society
  • Forestry Commission contact for corporate membership of the International Peat Society.

Research areas

  • Impact of open habitat restoration on ecosystem services
  • Restoration of bogs
  • Bog woodland habitats
  • Controlling tree colonisation on restored open habitats
  • Grazing as a means of maintaining open habitats
  • Heathland restoration methods
  • Improving the habitat value of plantation restocks.

Main recent publications

Anderson, A.R., Vasander, H., Geddes, N., Laine, A., Tolvanen, A., O’Sullivan,A. and Aapala, K. 2012 Restoration of afforested peatlands  In: Restoring peatlands – delivering multiple benefits (Eds. A. Bonn, T. Allott, M. Evans, H. Joosten and R. Stoneman. British Ecological Society/Cambridge University Press, in press.

Anderson, A.R. (In prep.). Managing open habitats in upland forests. Forestry Commission Practice Guide. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.

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Anderson, A.R. (2010). Restoring afforested peat bogs - results of current research (PDF-954K). Forestry Commission Research Note 6. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.

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Anderson, A.R. (2003). Provision and management of open ground in upland forests for biodiversity. A review with special reference to heathlands. MSc thesis. Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, University of Edinburgh.

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