Development of improved methods for detection, control and eradication of pine wood nematodes in support of EU Plant Health Policy (REPHRAME)


This is a continuation of the previous PHRAME project.

Previous studies have shown that the pine wood nematodes (PWN) is a major threat to European forests.
Project background

In order to ensure effective containment and eventual eradication of PWN, demands a detailed understanding of the behaviour and dynamics of PWN in infested trees.
Summary of project aims

Research objectives

The key objective for this project was to extend the capability of existing models to identify the risk posed by PWN to the rest of Europe and the possible impact of climate change on its spread. It brings together Europe’s leading experts on PWN, together with colleagues from around the world, to address the key gaps in current knowledge.
Objectives in detail

Funders and partners

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This programme was funded by the European Union – Framework Programme FP7.

This is a small collaborative project involving 11 organisations in 8 countries (Austria, China, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom) and international linkages with Canada, Japan and USA.

Forest Research involvement

 Hugh Evans at Forest Research Wales co-ordinated this project.


Although REPHRAME as such has finished, aspects of the project still continue, please contact us for more information.


Tom Jenkins, Hannah Gruffudd