Oliver Williams

Plain English Editor

Oliver Williams

Email: Oliver.Williams@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Tel direct: 07768973315

Home Working


Oliver joined the Forestry Commission in 1980 as a harvesting forester in the Forest of Dean.  In 1989, he started work for Business Systems Division in Silvan House.  He left Silvan House in 1992 and started work as District Forester Operations in Cornwall and North Devon Forest District which later amalgamated with Somerset and South Devon and became the Peninsula Forest District – his job title changed to Operations Manager.

Oliver finished in Peninsula in 2001 and started my current role of Plain English Editor for what was then Forest Operations and which became part of IFOS some years later.

Oliver has a Diploma in Plain English from the Plain English Campaign (2008).

Current role

Plain English Editor
Oliver manages the suite of Operational Guidance Booklets (OGBs) and also works on any other documents and forms for any parts of the FC, as requested, to make them more readable and understandable.

Oliver also runs Plain English Workshops to help those that want to learn to write more clearly and concisely.