Mireia Pecurul Botines, MSc, PhD

Social Scientist

Mireia Pecurul Botines

Email: mireia.pecurul@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (0)131 0300 5900
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Fax: +44 (0)131 445 5124

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Dr Mireia Pecurul-Botines is a social scientist who has an interdisciplinary background in natural and social sciences (MSc. in European Forestry and a Ph.D. in Environmental Politics). Her research aims to bridge social and environmental policies and work towards better integration of forest communities’ needs and perspectives into research and forest related policies. For example, in her Ph.D. thesis, she chose to study the impact of European conservation programmes on local conservation approaches drawing attention to how local context matters in explaining different governance outputs in European forest conservation policy implementation. 

Prior to joining Forest Research in October 2015, she had experience in the fields of public involvement in forest planning and the evaluation of diverse environmental governance projects in Europe through her involvement in two FP6 projects. She has also engaged in research and networking activities in the field of wellbeing and woodlands by coordinating the EU project COSTE39 Spanish team.

Current role

Social scientist

Current programmes

Mireia is supporting the Future Proofing Plant Health Project (FPPH) .This project aims to develop a more cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the concept of resilience and demonstrate how it can be used to support decision-making and management for plant and tree health. Currently, FPPH phase 2 is being implemented through a range of activities. These include: i) assembling database of existing measures in UK forestry (policy and practice); ii) summarizing criteria for resilience and developing a scoring methodology for each resilience component; and iii) creating a “knowledge hub” to facilitate knowledge exchange and engage experts and stakeholders in this field. The ambition for this project is to extend the resilience implementation framework to other UK non-forestry environments (E.g.: SSSIs).

Research areas

  • Resilience
  • Science-policy-practice interface
  • Forest and environmental governance
  • Participatory forest planning and national forest programmes
  • Wellbeing and woodlands

Selected publications

Pecurul M., Di Gregorio, M., Paavola, J. 2014. Discourses of conflict and collaboration and institutional context in the implementation of forest conservation policies in Soria (Spain). Biodiversity & Conservation; 23: 3483–3499.

Pecurul M., de Peray J. 2010. Working toward sustainable public health through the interrelation between environmental and social factors: SESPAS. Gac. Sanit; 24 (1): 74-77.

Pecurul M. 2009. Book review: Governing a common sea: environmental policies in the Baltic Sea region. Edited by Marko Joas, Detlef Jahn, and Kristine Kern, London, Earthscan, 2008,xiv þ 230 pp.,  ISBN 978-1-84407-537-9. In: Environmental Politics, 18: 3, 444 – 466.

Pecurul M. et al. 2007. The COSTE 39 Action in Spain: The contribution of green spaces and forests to health enhancement.  Ambienta; 64: 55-60.