Forest Research UK Forest Machinery Census 2017

Calling all who own or operate forest harvesting machinery

If you own or operate forestry harvesting machinery and would be willing to spend a few minutes to take part in the survey, your participation would benefit everyone working in the forest harvesting sector. Click on the link below.

We are currently carrying out a nationwide census of forestry harvesting machinery.  The aim is to understand the nature, size and capability of the harvesting resource throughout England, Scotland and Wales; and the strength and ability of the sector to meet the needs of the future.  This information will allow improved support to the sector in the form of targeted grant funding, research and training in each country.

The census contains 21 questions and is accessible online from the link below.  The census is open now and will run until February 2017.  The results from the census will be published in a report expected to be available from the Forest Research website in Spring 2017. The results will not identify individual owner/operators.

Take the census

In the past regular machine censuses were carried out by the Forestry Commission but the most recent report was in 2001. The harvesting sector has undergone a great deal of change since then and the type of machinery, its scale, sophistication and diversity has adapted in response to evolving silvicultural and market conditions.

This research is being carried out by Forest Research Technical Development. Further details of Technical Development’s research are available on our web pages.


Michael Wall