Woodland heritage: consultancy and advice


With more than 15 years of direct research experience on heritage resources within the UK’s woodlands and forests, we are the country’s leading experts on cultural preservation and sustainable practices for woodland managers.

Service overview

We can provide you with specialist advice to enable you to meet the standards required for heritage preservation and accreditation. Based on years of research, we can recommend site approaches to management and sustainable forestry that will help protect the historic environment.

Our team of experts provide advice and can help you design site monitoring schemes which track the impact of your activities on the surrounding environment and the archaeological or historical features within your woodland.

Our consultancy – supported with applied research when required – will help you to balance preservation with on-going site management, maintenance and productivity:

  • Manage historic landscapes
  • Plan forest operations around heritage protection
  • Preserve individual veteran trees and archaeological features
  • Develop long-term management plans and monitoring systems
  • Adopt low-impact, sustainable management practices

Features and benefits

  • Expertise: 10 years  of heritage-based lidar surveys in woodlands and forests, with active involvement in over 30 projects including intensive (1 square kilometre) and large-scale (500 square kilometres) mapping
  • Forest knowledge: unique understanding of how the forest canopy affects lidar scans and specialist methods to generate the highest quality images possible
  • Partnership benefits: good working relationships with several lidar survey companies and access to the latest technological developments means our service will meet your precise requirements
  • Quality assured: as a government research organisation we meet the strict quality criteria for science and research set out in the Joint Code of Practice for Research
  • Personal touch: direct access to our experts means you can discuss your requirements, obtain advice and receive an appropriate, value for money service
  • Research active: we have studied heritage-forest interactions, led site monitoring initiatives and can advise on management and conservation techniques

Costs and charges

We customise our service to meet your specific needs and deliver best value for money – please get in touch.

Ask for a free initial consultation to discuss your project and explore how our services can support your work.


For more about the services offered or to discuss your requirements contact:

Peter Crow
Sue Benham

Case studies

Assessments of the heritage potential of farms have been undertaken prior to approval of proposed community woodland establishment. Lower knowle Farm in the Avon Levels required a geoarchaeological investigation of the farm to study former land use and identify the occurrence of any near-surface palaeoenvironmental deposits.

A similar proposal for Jeskyn’s Farm in Kent required searches of historic maps and archive photographic evidence in addition to limited on-site archaeological investigation. For both projects, woodland creation followed, but with areas identified as having a greater archaeological potential were incorporated into open spaces.

It is not our policy to openly place contact details of our clients on our web pages, however contact information for references can be provided upon request. Given our extensive range of projects to date and our network of contacts, we will also try to put you in touch with the most appropriate person given your particular project requirements.