Technical Development – Land Restoration

This project aims to provide technical support for operations aimed at land restoration to forestry: matching operational best practice with site and tree establishment needs on derelict, brown-field and disturbed land

Current Work:

WRAP Contract OMW 004-021

FCJR104: Guide to land restoration using quality compost for forestry and woody biomass

Practical guidance for project managers and foresters

WRAP Contract 004-021 / FCS CSGN Project 0438

FCJR105: Soil status and amendment needs on forest restoration sites: Case Studies

Technical investigations and interim conclusions

FCJR099: Scottish Lowlands Forest District. Restoration Issues Assessment: Muirkirk

Site assessment for new planting

FCJR059: West Lothian Council: Prospects for Land Restoration using Anaerobic Digestate for SRC-SRF Production: System Evaluation

Feasibility study with site scoping studies

Research objectives

To provide technical information for land restoration to forestry on derelict, brown-field and disturbed land

Technical Development’s work on land restoration operations complements the science of Forest Research’s Land Regeneration and Urban Greening team


This programme is ongoing

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ORI 003-004

The Dalquhandy Trailblazer Project

“Use of coarse grade PAS100 compost and novel cultivation techniques to establish trees on former opencast coal sites in Scotland”

Dalquhandy Compost Trial 2009 2013 Update October 2012

WRAP Contracts OMW 004-102

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Dalquhandy AD Project: Site Restoration using Anaerobic Digestion ‘Fibre’: Final Report January 2013


WRAP Contracts OMW 004-103

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Addiewell Project: Site Restoration Using Anaerobic Digestate ‘Fibre’ Final Report January 2013

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