Technical Development – Woodland Operations

This project aims to develop, evaluate and promote safe and efficient equipment and methods of work, and provide output information, specialist services and advice on forest operations. Our outputs cover five main areas:

  • Establishment and maintenance
  • Integrated forest management
  • Environment management
  • Harvesting and transport
  • Woodfuel

Research objectives

Establishment and maintenance

  • Provide advice and specific one-off reports covering ground prep., planting, weeding and cleaning / rhododendron
  • Contribute to seminars, workshops, training events and working groups
  • Includes pesticide application research: representation on ISO/BSI pesticide application committees, electrodyn monitoring visits and chemical store checks

Integrated forest management

Provide support and trouble shooting on interdependent forestry practices such as impact of harvesting on forest management, biomass operations and working on steep ground, plus specific investigations for countries

Environment management

  • Explore systems to promote the sustainable application of low impact silviculture / CCF and management of small and native woodlands.
  • Managing environmental impacts on forests including fire and water

Harvesting and transport

Harvesting methods, machinery and equipment for large scale conifer timber production, including motor-manual operations, outputs and costs. Also includes harvesting facilities and timber transport 


Produce guidance in consultation with the forestry sector and other related industries. Cover all types of woodfuel, but currently excludes recycled material, joinery residues, and straw and grasses.



This programme is ongoing

Contact Head of TD. Leads on Land reclamation and large scale forestry. Leads on pesticides

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