Forest Policy rationale

LUES links closely with the different forest policy objectives of the devolved countries.

The overarching policy which embraces the ecosystem approach, and develops the use of ecosystem services and natural capital to assess and value the role of the natural environment for society comes from:

In the UK, all publicly funded or forestry grant aided woodland must meet the ‘UK Forestry Standard’ in terms of delivering sustainable forest management (SFM), for which the set of seven guidelines provide the detail of how forestry is undertaken and managed to protect the natural environment.

LUES forest Policy rationale tableIt has been argued that the process of SFM is consistent with management which uses the ecosystem approach, and furthermore that SFM has delivered a wide range of ecosystem service benefits from the forestry sector (Chapter 8 Woodlands UKNEA, 2011) in the UK (see table). Forest managers and planners however need to consider the use of ecosystem services (Quine et al 2013) to demonstrate the benefits of SFM with the context of land-use and land management at the wider scale.