Urban Trees

Our scientists work on topics relating to planning, management and the protection of urban trees. We can provide information on:

Services we provide

Research Information Service

Provides a scientific and technical information service and makes information available to all who are interested in trees and forestry in Great Britain. 

Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory service

Nationwide diagnosis, identification and advice on tree diseases.

Advisory/consultancy services:

  • Flooding and forestry
  • Valuing the ecosystem services provided by urban trees, using iTree
  • Design and conduct of social research
  • Design and conduct of research exploring governance and public involvement
  • Social issues in forestry
  • Trees and human health – air and water pollution, flooding, heat amelioration, well-being benefits including mental restoration
  • Conversion of brownfield land to multifunctional urban greenspace

 For information about any of the above research or services, please contact urban.trees@forestry.gsi.gov.uk.

Free Resources

Online Resources

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Opportunity mapping for trees and floods

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Treezilla – Citizen science to build a UK map of urban trees

iTree – Evaluating urban tree ecosystem services now and into the future


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Urban health and health inequalities and the role of urban forestry in Britain: A review

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Best practice guidance for land regeneration

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