Dothistroma Needle Blight training day - Tentsmuir

3 June 2013

What was the event?

Field based training events for the private sector predominately focused on the identification of Dothistroma needle blight (DNB) in the field. Each training event covered the following topics:

  • A brief background and overview to DNB
  • Identification of symptoms at stand, tree and needle level
  • Confusion with other damage such as pests and diseases
  • Needle sampling regime - what to sample, size of sample, details to record, handling of samples, who to send them to for laboratory confirmation.

Who was the event suitable for?

Those intending to undertake surveys for DNB in commercial and native pinewoods in 2013. The training is aimed at those who will be doing the ‘hands-on' survey work.


For further information please contact:

Ann Stewart
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