Frank Ashwood, BSc, MSc, PhD

Environmental ScientistFrank Ashwood


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Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
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Research Gate Profile

Frank received an upper 2nd class honours in Biology at the University of Portsmouth in 2007 before obtaining a Distinction-grade MSc in Environmental Management with the University of Surrey in 2011. In May 2016 Frank successfully completed a 3-year doctoral training programme (PhD) through the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), entitled "Woodland restoration on landfill sites: Earthworm activity and ecosystem service provision". Frank's PhD project was co-supervised within Forest Research by Dr Kieron Doick and Dr Elena Vanguelova, and by Dr Kevin Butt of the Earthworm Research Group (ERG) at UCLan.

Current role

Environmental Scientist

Based within the Soil Sustainability Research Group at Forest Research, Frank's work includes:

  • Assisting the development and advance of soil sustainability research through field and laboratory work, collaboration, knowledge transfer and communication
  • Providing specialist expertise on soil sustainability through research into woodland soil ecology, specifically regarding soil faunal communities.

Affiliations and achievements

  • British Ecological Society
  • British Land Reclamation Society
  • Amateur Entomologists’ Society
  • Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust
  • Committe Member of the Earthworm Society of Britain 
  • Member of British Society of Soil Science
  • Member of EU COST FP1305 “ Belowground biodiversity in European forests”

Research areas

  • Woodland creation on regenerated brownfield sites
  • Soil ecology and earthworm dynamics in brownfield and natural forest soils
  • Soil health and woodland ecosystem service provision

Main recent publications

Ashwood, F., Butt, K. R., Doick, K. J. and Vanguelova, E. I. (2017). Interactive effects of composted green waste and earthworm activity on tree growth and reclaimed soil quality: A mesocosm experiment. Applied Soil Ecology. 119: 226-233.

Ashwood, F., Butt, K. R., Doick, K. J. and Vanguelova, E. I. (2017). Investigating tree foliar preference by the earthworms Aporrectodea longa and Allolobophora chlorotica in reclaimed and loam soil, Applied Soil Ecology. 110: 109–117

Doick, K. J., Davies, H. J., Handley, P., Vaz Monteiro, M., O'Brien, L. and Ashwood, F. (2016). Introducing England's Urban Forests. Urban Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committee’s (FWAC) Network.

Ashwood, F. (2016). Woodland Restoration on Landfill Sites: Earthworm Activity and Ecosystem Service Provision. Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Central Lancashire, UK.

Ashwood, F., Albertini, A. and Doick, K. J. (2015). Best Practice Guidance Note for Land Regeneration No. 20: Drought Tolerant Tree Species and Land Regeneration. Forest Research, Farnham.

Ashwood, F. (2015). Best Practice Guidance Note for Land Regeneration No. 18: Lowland Calcareous Grassland – Creation and Management in Land Regeneration. Forest Research, Farnham.

Barsoum, N., Fuller, L, Ashwood, F., Reed, K., Bonnet-Lebrun, A.-S. and Leung, F (2014) Ground-dwelling spider (Araneae) and carabid beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) community assemblages in mixed and monoculture stands of oak (Quercus robur L./Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). Forest Ecology and Management. 321: 29–41.

Ashwood, F., Doick, K.J., Atkinson, G.E. and Chenoweth, J. (2014). Under-utilisation of organic wastes during brownfield regeneration to community woodland: Tackling the barriers. Waste Management and Research. 32 (1), 49 – 55.

Doick, K.J. and Ashwood, F. (2011). Brownfield regeneration to a soft-end use: Barriers to using a quality planting medium. Reclamation (the Journal of the BLRS), November 2011, pp.3.