Unlocking the potential of home-grown softwoods: Timber research workshop

Tuesday 26 February

What was the event?

This workshop presented results from ongoing and current research within the Strategic Integrated Research in Timber (SIRT) project and associated projects. Presentations demonstrated the direct relevance of research results to policy and practice in the forestry and wood using sectors.

The event also included presentations from forest industry representatives highlighting key research requirements, and discussions about future research funding.

This was an opportunity to influence the future direction of these research programmes, and to help focus limited resources on the most important projects.


Presentation Presenter
Effects of climate and site factors on growth and timber properties of Sitka spruce (PDF-1,312K) JP McLean - Edinburgh Napier University Forest Products Research Institute
Twist in kiln dried Sitka spruce(PDF-1,133K) James Canavan - University of Glasgow
Volume or quality? Which way should tree breeding go?(PDF-268K) Steve Lee and Elspeth MacDonald - Forest Research
Conifer species growing in Britain - research results and new work(PDF-1,427K) JP McLean and Charlotte Slaymark - Edinburgh Napier University Forest Products Research Institute
Industry research needs - processing sector(PDF-1,702K) Alex Brownlie - BSW Timber Ltd
Industry research needs - growing sector(PDF-533K) Tim Liddon - UPM Tilhill

Who was the event suitable for?

Those in the forest industry involved in forest management, wood processing and policy development, as well as research commissioners and researchers.

Where did the event take place?

Birnam Arts & Conference Centre
Station Road
Dunkeld PH8 0DS


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