A Strategic Assessment of the Afforested Peat Resource in Wales

Cover of reportA Strategic Assessment of the Afforested Peat Resource in Wales (PDF-14523K)

By Elena Vanguelova, Samantha Broadmeadow, Russell Anderson, Sirwan Yamulki, Tim Randle, Tom Nisbet and James Morison.

October 2012.

Executive summary

This report:

  • Assesses the distribution of the Welsh peatlands, based on best available spatial information on the extent and location of peat soil and peatlands.
  • Delivers an improved distribution map of the upland blanket peat and deep peat soils resource at the highest resolution.
  • Includes an improved map of the distribution of afforested deep peats in Wales and ownership of forested land in Wales.
  • Provides an overview of the likely impacts of peat forming factors and afforested peatland restoration and management on the biodiversity, hydrology and greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits.
  • Develops national and field based assessment schemes based on rule based criteria, proxy factors and thresholds for the assessment of afforested peatland in Wales viable for restoration.
  • Carries out a national GIS assessment identifying potential restoration areas in Wales.
  • Tests the field-based assessment by ground truthing a number of sites in Wales.
  • Provides relative costs of afforested peat restoration.