Innovation for survival

Forestry Engineering Group (FEG) Symposium 2012

30 August 2012

What was the event?

This year’s keynote speech focused on the importance of ’Innovation’ not only in the political arena, but also looked at working methods and the tools and machines that are used.  This was followed by a presentation reviewing the industry’s past record in the adoption of innovations and an extrapolation of how it could perform in the future.  Subsequent speakers examined current innovations under investigation. 
The Symposium began with an insight into the emerging technology of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by Duncan Ireland of Forest Research, supported by a presentation on work being carried out in Ireland investigating the potential of UAV’s within the forest industry.
The afternoon started with a review of the work being done to improve the selection of tree species to make them more productive, disease-resistant, and suitable to future climatic conditions by Dr Steve Lee of Forest Research.


  • The Forestry Commission Scotland talked about the range of technical innovations used recently to overcome the problems of harvesting large trees on steep ground. AB Services of Killin also presented an in-depth look at the specification of the Skyline and its associated equipment package.
  • An examination of recently introduced innovations in harvester and forwarder software that makes it possible to analyse both operator and machine performance, which enable increased machine output while also reducing repair costs.
  • Transport issues and insight into experimental work as applied to timber transport traction problems both in-forest and on-highway.
  • Continuing down the timber supply chain there was a presentation on recent innovations in timber processing and areas of this technology ripe for further development will be identified.
  • The last presentation focused on the ‘end product’ by identifying the latest developments in the innovative uses of wood-based products.

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Who was the event suitable for?

Forestry Managers; policy makers; local authority planners; architects and engineers; all those with an interest in the use of wood for construction or fuelwood; forestry contractors.

Where did the event take place?

University of Cumbria
Newton Rigg Campus
CA10 0AH


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