Dothistroma (red band) needle blight in Scotland

25 April 2012, 10am to 12.45pm

What was the event?

Dothistroma (red band) needle blight is the most significant disease of coniferous trees in Scotland, with 11% of pine crops known to be infected on the national forest estate. In addition to the levels of mortality found on inland origins of lodgepole pine, the increasing incidence and severity of this fungal disease on Scots pine is of particular concern.

It is essential for the private sector to understand the forest management implications of Dothistroma needle blight in Scotland.

The presentations and question/answer session updated attendees on research findings and gave an early indication of the steps required to manage Dothistroma needle blight:

Event website including detailed programme

Who was the event suitable for?

This was a briefing and Q/A for the private forestry sector.

Where did the event take place?

Dewars Centre
Glover Street 


For further information please contact:

Liz Hughson, Confor