Short term scientific missions of the DIAROD COST Action

COST Actions encourage Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to take advantage of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) to provide collaboration within and between COST countries.

Basic requirements for STSMs are:

  • STSMs are intended mainly for the benefit of ESRs, i.e. within 8 years of completing a higher degree such as a doctorate. However participants that do not qualify as ESRs may apply for a STSM in well-justified cases.
  • The financial support for STSMs lasting three months or less is a maximum of €2500.
  • For ESRs only, it is possible to extend the STSM beyond three months up to a maximum of six months, in which case the maximum financial support available is €3500.
  • STSMs must start and finish within one of the Action’s Grant Periods which are one calendar year at a time (it is not currently possible for a STSM to start in one Grant Period and finish in another).

The STSM coordinator for DIAROD is Dr Anna Hopkins (see below) and enquiries and applications should be made to her in the first instance. Applications can only be submitted by using the on-line registration tool described in COST Vademecum and forwarding the necessary documents to the STSM Manager for onward transmission to the Steering Committee members.


Dr Tugba Dogmus Lehtijarvi
Süleyman Demirel University
Faculty of Forestry
Department of Botany
TR32260- Isparta – Turkey

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