Praise for Scots pine project

The recently completed ‘Developing the Scots Pine Resource’ project has been singled out for praise by the Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) of the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP)

News from Forest Research: February 2012

Scots pine

Forest Research was a partner in this three-year project led by Highland Birchwoods, with project partners in Scotland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The overall aim of the project was to encourage greater use of Scots pine timber in high-value markets as a basis for supporting forestry-related businesses.

The PMC highlighted the fact that the project exceeded its target for product development and acknowledged “strong outcomes, which demonstrated that transnational co-operation can result in tangible products and services, a specific feature of the NPP”.

Forest Research’s work on the project focused on methods for assessing and forecasting Scots pine timber quality and the development of guidance for managing Scots pine forests for timber production. Models predicting log quality and wood properties were developed from data collected during a survey of 87 Scots pine stands in the north of Scotland. These models were integrated with our existing decision support tools to create a Scots pine management support system that evaluates the effect of site factors and silvicultural actions on the volume and quality of Scots pine timber produced.

We also worked with The Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) on the development and testing of ‘PreHAS’, a stand volume and quality assessment tool that uses a database of harvester stem records to make pre-harvest predictions about the timber.

Forest Research helped to produce a set of six information notes bringing together best-practice guidance with a focus on the production of high-quality Scots pine timber. Each note is published as a downloadable PDF from the project website where links and references to more detailed information can be found.

For further details of the project and related activities:

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