Forest Research reviewed by an independent panel

During November and December 2011 a group of seven senior external scientists, chaired by Professor Sir David Read FRS, reviewed our science quality.

News from Forest Research: February 2012

This review forms part of the established procedures used by the Government to ensure the quality of the evidence base it uses in policy making.

The review will provide an independent, expert assessment of the research, scientific and technical services and knowledge exchange being provided by Forest Research (FR). The group considered a wide range of evidence, including stakeholder views. They also visited FR’s Northern Research Station near Edinburgh and Alice Holt Lodge in Surrey, met both FC and FR staff, and discussed each of FR’s current research programmes.

The review group will report to the Forestry Commissioners in early March, making recommendations, as necessary, on any changes they feel will enhance FR’s provision of quality science and its fitness for purpose, or which will promote knowledge exchange and delivery. The Forestry Commission will, in turn, provide a submission to Ministers on how they propose to take the recommendations forward. It is anticipated that the review will be valuable in both determining the future direction of FR’s research programmes and in the future management of its science delivery.

Review group panel:

  • Chair: Professor Sir David Read FRS (Emeritus Professor of Plant Science, University of Sheffield)
  • Lindsay Bulman (Project Leader in forest biosecurity at Scion (New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd))
  • Shireen Chambers (Executive Director of the Institute of Chartered Foresters)
  • Professor Maggie Gill OBE (formerly Chief Science Adviser, Environment and Rural Affairs Department of The Scottish Government)
  • Professor Paul Milbourne (Cardiff University, School of City and Regional Planning, and Director of the Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space and the Wales Rural Observatory)
  • Professor Antonio Pizzi (Chair and Professor of Industrial Chemistry, ENSTIB, Université de Nancy)
  • Dr Clive Potter (Reader in Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London, and a Visiting Professor, University of Exeter)

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