SIRT research update workshop

The influence of silviculture, climate and wood processing on timber quality

15 November 2011

What was the event?

This workshop presented current research work being carried out by the Strategic Integrated Research in Timber (SIRT) project and associated projects. It included research in:

  • Timber grading and wood processing
  • Variation in the wood quality of Douglas fir and Larch
  • The impacts of climate change and alternative silvicultural systems such as continuous cover forestry on wood quality
  • The significance of variation in moisture content and water movement in wood for timber distortion.

Elspeth Macdonald of Forest Research talked about the properties of wood from forests managed by continuous cover forestry. Barry Gardiner of Forest Research chaired this event.


Who was the event suitable for?

This was an open even which anyone could attend. This event was particularly suitable for those involved in forest management, wood processing or policy making.

Where did the event take place?

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
EH25 9SY


For further information please contact:

Kate Beauchamp at or 0131 455 2955