European workshop considers the potential of urban forestry

Our Social and Economic Research Group (SERG) organised a workshop in Brussels in January to share experiences on urban and peri-urban forestry, explore its potential and identify recommendations for taking urban forestry forward in Europe

News from Forest Research: July 2011

Photos of child making a bark rubbing and the wooded urban environment

This work forms part of Key Action 12 of the European Union Forest Action Plan: ‘Explore the potential of urban and peri-urban forests’, which SERG was invited to lead by the EC Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development last year. The work focuses on engaging local communities and non-traditional stakeholders in planning, creating, managing and using urban and peri-urban forests, and methodologies for evaluating their social and human impacts.

The event was hosted by the European Commission Directorate General Agriculture and combined overview papers with country case studies and facilitated discussion, which led to a lively and motivating exchange. Three overview papers were presented by Forest Research and Forestry Commission staff, working with experts from across Europe, exploring the physical urban forestry resource, its governance, and the societal benefits it provides. The workshop benefited from the chairing of Cecil Konijnendijk, an international expert on the subject, and was attended by EU Member State representatives on the EU Standing Forestry Committee, policy-makers, invited academic and expert practitioners and other stakeholders, as well as European Commission staff from three Directorate Generals.

We presented the outcomes and recommendations of the workshop to the EU Standing Forestry Committee on 18 February 2011.

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