Forest health days - South-East of England

27 and 28 September 2011

What were the events?

Two single day seminars where Forest Research scientists provided an update on the latest information about tree insect pests and diseases.  Probable topics include acute oak decline, oak processionary moth and Phytophthora ramorum.

The seminars involved a morning session indoors with presentations, followed by an afternoon session outside where we discussed biosecurity and looked at and discussed symptoms of insect pests and diseases. 

Seminar flyer (PDF-154K)

Who were the events suitable for?

Forestry and woodland managers and agents, forestry and woodland owners, and those working in forestry and woodlands.

Where did the events take place?

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey  GU10 4LHContact

For further information please contact Heather Pettitt at or on 01420 23337