8th European Vertebrate Pest Conference

26 to 30 September 2011

What was the event?

The European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference is a biennial meeting of people interested in various aspects of vertebrate pest management.

Overabundant vertebrate populations can be responsible for crop loss, public and animal health concerns, structural damage and conflicts with conservation interests.

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Brenda Mayle from Forest Research presented 3 papers on:

  • Changes in impact and control of grey squirrels as determined from regional surveys in Great Britain 
  • The use of DiazaCon to limit fertility in grey squirrels
  • The impacts of feral boar on woodland flora and fauna in Great Britain

Who was the event suitable for?

The conference was a forum for all involved in basic research in vertebrate biology and ecology, methodology and legislation and their application in wildlife management. Its focus was on Europe but participants and contributions from other regions of the world were welcome.

Where did the event take place?

Humbolt University,


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