Woodland heritage: Project management


Our experience in over 30 woodland heritage projects gives Forest Research excellent credential as a project manager, with key research experience and contacts throughout the heritage sector.

Standing stones Ruin in woodland Bluebell wood Former buildings located within a pine plantation

One of our Woodland Heritage Services

Service overview

Woodlands are home to a wide variety of archaeological and historic features, from burial mounds to charcoal platforms, veteran trees to ancient coppices. These form a valued part of our cultural heritage and provide a rich resource for study and research.

The discovery, study, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the historic environment found within woodland requires specialist support and careful management.

Through our involvement in over 30 cultural heritage projects we hold a privileged position within the heritage sector as experts in woodland management. Alongside our own expertise in sustainable forest management for heritage conservation, our industry contacts give us unrivalled access to experts, consultants and specialist contractors.

We are perfectly positioned to provide full project management for your woodland heritage needs. Our in-house team includes experts for on-the-ground surveys and the UK’s leading lidar service for woodland heritage mapping.

Drawing on our extensive research knowledge, as project managers we are able to identify the probable issues you may face to balance preservation with woodland productivity and sustainability. We can deliver applied research, offer advice and find the right experts to support your work.

Feature and benefits

  • Expertise: 15 years of heritage surveys in woodlands, forests and open landscapes prior to woodland establishment
  • Forest knowledge: our unique research supports recommendations and guidance on how to manage the historical environment for preservation within woodland environments
  • Project experience: experience of heritage surveys and management in many different woodland types, with access to an extensive network of heritage and forestry experts and collaborators
  • Quality assured: as a government research organisation we meet the strict quality criteria for science and research set out in the Joint Code of Practice for Research
  • Personal touch: direct access to our experts means you can discuss your requirements, obtain advice and receive an appropriate, value for money service

Costs and charges

We customise our service to meet your specific needs and deliver best value for money – please get in touch.

Ask for a free initial consultation to discuss your project.


For more about the services offered or to discuss your requirements contact:

Peter Crow
Sue Benham

Case studies

For several of our lidar projects, we have provided up-front advice on potential survey areas, suggested alterations to maximise value for money and produced detailed specifications tailored to meet the requirements, ensure optimum chances of success and produce high quality results.  We have sufficient understanding of high quality lidar outputs to advise on various data sets, both existing and newly commissioned. We have undertaken full project management for some clients and helped other partners with all stages of procurement processes when large projects have required Tendering.

Examples of some of our work can be found under our consultancy and lidar portfolio pages.

It is not our policy to openly place contact details of our clients on our web pages, however contact information for references can be provided upon request. Given our extensive range of projects to date and our network of contacts, we will also try to put you in touch with the most appropriate person given your particular project requirements.