Wind and trees

6th IUFRO 8.03.06 International Conference on Wind and Trees

31 July - 4 August 2011

What was the event?

Wind, in both chronic and episodic effects, shapes trees and forests in a multitude of ways, ranging from influences on moisture balance and physiology, to root, trunk and crown form, to stand and landscape-scale patterns of damage and recovery.  As more demands are placed on trees and forests for production of extractive resources as well as preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as aesthetic and recreational use, it becomes increasingly important to understand and manage (both before, during and after) wind events in forests.

Wind & Trees is a series of quadrennial meetings by researchers from diverse disciplines who gather to share findings and ideas relevant to the study of interactions of wind with trees and forests.  These meetings are organized under the auspices of IUFRO section 8.03.06.  Moreover, growing recognition of the importance of urban, residential and agency trees and their value encourages a broadening of the scope of Wind & Trees to embrace these areas of study as well.


  • Climatology of severe winds
  • Air flow over forests
  • Boundary layer turbulence
  • Biomechanics of trees
  • Physiological and growth responses of trees to wind
  • Ecological response of stands to severe wind events
  • Silviculture to minimize risk of wind damage
  • Wind effects on trees in urban, residential, and utility contexts
  • Windthrow modelling
  • Immediate impacts of storms on trees, stands and landscapes.

Conference website

Where did the event take place?

University of Georgia Centre for Continuing Education

Scientific committee

  • Chris Peterson, Chair - Dept. of Plant Biology, University of Georgia, USA
  • Scott Goodrick, Co-chair - USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, USA
  • Steve Mitchell, Past organiser - Dept. of Forestry, Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
  • Bruce Nicoll - Forest Research, UK
  • Monique LeClerc - Dept. of Crop & Soil Science, Univ. of Georgia, USA
  • John Stanturf - USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, USA
  • Mark Rudnicki - Dept. of Natural Resources, Univ. of Connecticut, USA
  • Frank Telewski - Dept. of Plant Biology, Michigan State University, USA.


Chris J. Peterson
Dept. of Plant Biology
University of Georgia