Research and monitoring

This page includes some main sources of information for squirrels in the U.K., Ireland and mainland Europe. Links are provided where possible.


This is a comprehensive source of worldwide squirrel knowledge containing information on:

It is maintained by an international team of researchers and enthusiasts:

  • John Gurnell (UK)
  • John Koprowski (North America)
  • Karl Larsen (North America)
  • Peter Lurz (UK)
  • Luc Wauters (Mainland Europe)
  • Dave Gurnell.

Contact for enquiries or providing information for SquirrelWeb is:

Update report on squirrel research and monitoring (Feb 2013) (PDF-128K)

A comprehensive on-going update of the latest red and grey squirrel information gathered from country and UK regional and local squirrel groups and other meetings (includes recent information on monitoring, SQPV, current research and new publications).

For further information contact:

Other sources

Country, Regional and local Red squirrel groups usually have dedicated web pages that contain news and information on current projects they are involved with, and links to other related information and websites.

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