Northern Research Station Seminar Series 2010/11

Various dates from October 2010 to May 2011.

What were the seminars?

Series of free talks covering a variety of forestry and related research topics:

Date Seminar
1 October 2010

Red band needle blight

An update.

By: Dr. Anna Brown (Forest Research).

5 November 2010

The Central Scotland Green Network - from concept to delivery

As one of only 14 National Developments in the Scottish Govenment's 2nd National Planning Framework the CSGN is considered to be a vital part of the strategy for Scotland's future development. This talk will explore how the CSGN concept is being translated into local authority development plans and action on the ground.

By: Neil Langhorn (Forestry Commission)

19 November 2010

The effects of the density of African trees across differing spatial scales and over time

By: Dr Aris Moustakas (University of Leeds in Northern England)

7 January 2011

Forests and the climate system

Drawing from work with in Europe and S America.

By: Prof. John Grace.

14 January 2011

The One Oak project

The Sylva Foundation's OneOak project is following the full life story of one oak tree. The 225 year old OneOak tree, grown on the Blenheim estate in Oxfordshire, was felled in January 2010 in front of 250 children and 150 guests. It has become Britain's most studied oak tree thanks to scientific work undertaken by Forest Research and other partners. A wide diversity of art work and online resources are being used to help reconnect people with the growing of trees for wood, and with using wood in modern society.

By: Dr Gabriel Hemery (SYLVA), and Miriam White and Ian Craig (Forest Research).

28 January 2011

Expanding our selection of conifer species: picking winners for future productive forestry in Britain

Climate change, novel pests and diseases and new market opportunities for durable construction timbers are all encouraging us to consider a wider range of conifer species for productive forestry. We need to spread our eggs around a greater number of silvicultural baskets. This talk, based on work funded by Woodland Heritage and the Forestry Commission, will examine growth and use of alternative conifer species options from the Pacific Northwest, the Far East and Southern Europe, most of which have some pedigree in Britain at least at the forest gardens/ arboretum/ specimen tree level.

By: Dr. Scott McG Wilson (Consultant Forester and Forest Ecologist, Aberdeen).

4 February 2011

"What do I have to do to tick the Knowledge Exchange box?"

Science communication has experienced a paradigm shift. The predominant model of it being a one-way process of Knowledge Transfer has been replaced by a model which places more emphasis on the two-way process of Knowledge Exchange. At the same time a revolution in communication technologies has liberalised the market for information, fundamentally shifting the relationships between the providers of information and the consumers. This talk suggests that it is more than just a box ticking exercise, and provides some ideas for improving the effectiveness of science communication.

By: Dick Birnie (Macaulay Institute).

25 February 2011

Assessing the probability of carbon and greenhouse gas benefit from the management of peat soils

By: F. Worrall (Dept of Earth Sciences, Science Laboratories, University of Durham).

18 March 2011

Developing an interdisciplinary research agenda on forests and woodland

An outline plans for a new research initiative at the University of Glasgow Dumfries Campus, focused on social, cultural and ecological perspectives.

By: Prof David Clark or Colleague (University of Glasgow).


13 May 2011

Interactions between deer browsing, woodland management and habitat quality for birds

By: Rob Fuller (BTO Director of Science (Ecological change)).

Who were the seminars suitable for?

Scientists, practioners, students, policy makers and representatives from industry, academic and forestry organisations.

Where did the seminars take place?

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY