Following the life story of an ancient oak

OneOak tree before it was felled OneOak tree after it was felled
OneOak tree before and after it was felled


On 20 January 2010 around 250 school children and project supporters watched as foresters felled a 220 year old oak tree in Blenheim Park, Oxfordshire. Over the following two years its wood was used for buildings, furniture, fuel, arts and crafts. The project tracked each product through production to assess how much of the tree was converted into products and the total carbon footprint of these final products. 

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Key findings and outputs

The Sylva Foundation wanted to focus on the story of one tree to educate children and the public about the complexities of sustainable forest management.

  • Art exhibitions – held across the country, with creations sculpted from OneOak wood
  • Product catalogue – listing all the products produced from the single tree
  • Films – documenting the journey of the tree from Blenheim to the sawmill to consumers
  • School partnerships – mini-projects and trips with five Oxfordshire primary schools and work with the local Forest School Service

Forest Research’s role in the project

As a research partner, Forest Research measured and weighed the tree to calculate its carbon content. The research team also used state-of-the-art scanning systems to estimate the volume of the OneOak tree and hence its biomass and the carbon content (3.93 tonnes) of the tree and finished products.

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Funders and partners

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OneOak was run by the Sylva Foundation and supported by many local and national businesses and organisations.

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The project commenced in 2009 and concluded in 2011.


For further information contact:

Dr James Morison