Flexible forestry – adapting forestry and woodland management in South East England to the impacts of climate change

23 September 2010

What was the event?

An interactive workshop to provide research information on the implications of climate change for forest management to professional forest managers and to provide the opportunity for discussion and feedback between researchers and practitioners on this subject.

The workshop consisted of presentations by Forest Research scientists and discussions on the following themes:

  • Climate change – recent projections, risks and vulnerability – James Morison
  • Silviculture – species and provenance choice – Richard Jinks
  • Changes to silvicultural systemsGary Kerr/Tor Stokes
  • Pests and diseasesPhytopthora, red band needle blight, new pests and diseases – Anna Brown
  • Biodiversity implications of changing climate and managementNadia Barsoum.

Another workshop was held at Wadhurst, East Sussex, on 13th September.

Who was the event suitable for?

Professional forestry and woodland managers in the High Weald and South Downs.

Where did the event take place?

Duncton Mill Fishery
Dye House
Dye House Lane
West Sussex
GU28 0LF


For further information please contact:

Andrew Wright
High Weald AONB

Tel:01580 879 964
Email: a.wright@highweald.org

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