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Creating an online system to record all the details of our varied data sets

News from Forest Research: June 2010

In line with the UK Government’s ‘Unlocking Innovation’ project, which seeks to give access to a wealth of government data, we are creating an online system to record all the details of our varied data sets. Once completed, this system will be made available for anyone who wishes to view it.

Our scientists work across a broad range of disciplines and consequently we hold a wide variety of data sets, some of which we generate as part of our work and some of which are externally purchased to help in our analysis. The new online system will hold all of our metadata – that is, data about our data, such as what they are, where they are held, etc. This system will be searchable and easy to use; and will comply with our quality assurance processes.

Once the most important data sets have been fully catalogued, the metadata database will be made available from our website, enabling free access to anyone who wants to use it. Users will simply need to sign up/register to access the system.

Once it is up and running our aim is to invite everyone in the forestry sector to take a look at what data is already available and to highlight the potential for others to make use of our existing data and avoid duplication of effort.

For more information, contact Paul Taylor.

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