FutMon programme - Micheldever Beech monitoring plot

Description and map

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Date of installation April 2009
Planting year  
Main tree species Beech
Other tree species present in plot  
Forest type Plantation
Silvicultural system  
Tree density  
Basal area  
Local yield class  
Plot dimensions 0.1 ha
Altitude 115
Mean slope 4 degrees
Geology Clay over chalk
Topography Convex
Aspect North
Provisional soil type Clay with flints



  • (1) Data recorded within the Level II forest monitoring programme
  • (2) Data not recorded within the FutMon programme
  • (*) Recorded every 2 weeks at Micheldever
  • (V) Volume only measured.
Variables Period Frequency of sampling Rogate Be Micheldever Be Covert Wood (1) Knill Wood (2)
Foliar sampling & analysis 2005-2007 Two years     Y  
2009-2010 Annual Y Y    
Soil analysis 2010 Once Y Y    
Soil moisture 2009-2010 Hourly (*) Y Y    
Soil temp 2009 Hourly Y      
2010 Hourly(*) Y Y    
Stand Precipitation 2009-2010 2 weeks Y Y    
Atmospheric deposition 2002-2010 4 weeks Y Y (V)  
Permanent girth bands 2009-2010 4 weeks Y Y   Y
Phenology (manual recording) 2009-2010 Weekly
(spring & Autumn)
Y Y   Y
Crown condition 2002-2006 Annual     Y  
2009-2010 Annual Y Y    
Leaf area index 2009-2010 Once Y Y    
Meteorology 2003-2005 Continuous (Automatic)     Y  
2009-2010 Continuous (Automatic) Y Y    
Ground vegetation 2004-2007 3 years     Y  
2010 Once Y Y    
Ground vegetation analysis 2010 Once Y Y    
Litter fall quantification 2002-2008 4 weeks
(2 weeks Autumn)
2009-2010 4 weeks
(2 weeks Autumn)
Litter fall analysis 2009-2010 Once Y Y Y