FutMon programme - monitoring of element fluxes and nutrient cycling

Vegetation surveying
Vegetation surveying

Litter fall
Litter fall

This is FutMon programme work package D2.


* indicates a Level II forest monitoring plot.


Scots pine

Sitka spruce


  • Deposition
  • Soil Solution
  • Chemical analysis of litterfall fractionation (K, Ca, Mg, C, N, P ,S)
  • Intensive foliar survey
    • Destructive sampling
    • Functional group analysis
    • Biomass
    • Chemical analysis
  • Ground vegetation nutrient budget
  • Leaf area index


  • Data on nutrient fluxes and deposition
    • Loss of base cations
    • Loss of nitrogen
    • Input/output of nutrients
  • Nutrient budgets in vegetation
  • Critical load calculations