Monitoring and management of visitor flows in recreational and protected areas

30 May to 3 June 2010

What was the event?

The themes of the conference included:

  • Multi-functionality: feasible for managers?
  • High tech developments in and around nature
  • Consumer demands: nature at your service
  • Experiences in recreational and protected areas
  • Impact of Natura 2000 on recreation and tourism
  • Recreation and tourism: adaptation to climate change
  • The design of nature for target groups
  • Visitor management – use and abuse of nature areas
  • Planning for recreation and tourism: new policies needed?
  • Urban nature.

Forest Research involvement:

  • Liz O’Brien et al. presentied ‘What enables or prevents diverse groups, including black and ethnic minorities, from using and enjoying British woodlands?
  • David Edwards et al. presented ‘Public Preferences for forests as sites for recreational use: a pan-european perspective’

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Conference programme

Who wasthe event suitable for?

Researchers and scholars, public sector and industry managers, consultants, planners and NGO's dealing with visitor management in recreational and protected areas.

Where did the event take place?



For further information please contact:

Martin Goossen, Wageningen University and Research Centre