Objectives of the management of multifunctional forests (MULTIFOR) project

Overall objective

Children with a butterfly characters on the Afon Eden animal puzzle trail.The main aim of the project was to develop a joint cross-border strategy for understanding the climate change responses, multifunctional value and adaptation capacity of forest ecosystems commonly found in the south of England and north east of France.

Specific objectives

As part of this broad aim there are six specific objectives:

  • Improving our knowledge and understanding of the impact of climate change on forests by studying changes in the different aspects of the forest ecosystem, including biodiversity, phenological (life-cycle timing) responses and tree growth.
  • Adapting forest management to this changing context by concrete action and raising the awareness of landowners, forestry managers and the wider public by setting up demonstration plots and devising information and awareness-raising tools aimed at landowners, forestry managers and the wider public.
  • To educate children and the wider public about the forest by opening private forests to them and creating joint educational tools.
  • Improving our understanding of how to reconcile the socio-economic activities of the forest with the protection of nature.
  • Promoting the development of wood energy by setting up pilot sites and the creation of joint tools for the buyers and suppliers of wood energy.
  • Improving the physical links between forested areas by promoting reforestation between existing woodlands in the regions concerned.

The associated activities was undertaken jointly through shared organisational networks on either side of the Channel.