Land remediation and reclamation: approaches, applications and challenges

British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) Spring Conference

7 to 9 April 2010, University of Reading, UK

What was the event?

Remediation of contaminated land has received much research efforts in the last 20 years. Significant progress has been made in bioremediation technologies which are now widely used for cleanup of soils contaminated with organic chemicals. The work on remediation of metal-contaminated soils has faced several challenges and is yet to fulfil its promise.

This conference included key note lectures and oral and poster presentations and field visits to Bramshill and a metal fragmentation plant.

Who was the event suitable for?

All SEESOIL and BSSS members, but also for people interested in soil use and management; the broad theme of land remediation and reclamation/ restoration, remediation drivers, risk assessment, technical and feasibility/suitability. Also people interested in environmental, economic and social sustainability aspects of land remediation and reclamation.

Where did the event take place?

Palmer Building
The University of Reading
Berkshire RG6 6AH
United Kingdom

Organising/scientific committee

  • Dr. Elena Vanguelova, Forest Research
  • Dr. Peter Hooda, Kingston University
  • Prof. Jim Harris, Cranfield University
  • Prof. Mark Hodson, Reading University
  • Dr Rupert Hough, the Macaulay Institute
  • Danielle Sinnett, Bristol University
  • Prof. Andy Moffat, Forest Research.


For further information please go to the BSSS website or contact the organising committee via e-mail at or


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