How the project is managed

Project structure diagram showing the Project Manager liases with the Programme Board, Programme Delivery Board and Community Advisory Groups and manages the three implementation strands of the project

Partnership Board

Senior representatives from the main partners, responsible for steering and overseeing the project.

Programme Delivery Group

Representatives from funding and regulatory bodies plus land owning and managing organisations. Responsible for development and implementing measures approved by the Board.

Programme Manager

Tom Nisbet
Tel: 0300 067 5967

Public face of the project and responsible for overall co-ordination and engagement.

Community Advisory Groups

Appointed representatives from Pickering Flood Defence Group, Ryedale Flood Research Group and the Civic Society to inform and represent the community via the Wider Delivery Group.

Strand 1: Pickering Beck Catchment - land management

Planning and implementing a range of land management measures designed to slow down flood flows in the upper catchment of Pickering Beck.

Led by the Forestry Commission.

Strand 2: Pickering Beck Catchment - bunded storage option

Designing low level bunds to increase the storage of floodwaters in the lower reaches of the Pickering Beck.

Led by the Environment Agency.

Strand 3: River Seven Catchment - land management

Installing large woody debris dams within Cropton Forest and creating new woodland to slow down flood flows in the River Seven.

Led by the Forestry Commission.