Ecosystem services – the answer to communicating the benefits of forestry?

Institute of Chartered Foresters South East Region Annual General Meeting

19 November 2009

What was the event?

The aim of this seminar was to understand how the Ecosystem Services approach could benefit the forestry sector, particularly in terms of communicating the benefits of forestry and developing payments for ecosystem services.

The objectives were: 

  • Consider the opportunities that the ecosystem services approach offers to the forestry sector and woodland owners in particular (i.e. contribution of woodlands to ecosystems services, values, valuations).
  • Consider how the ecosystem service values of trees in both rural and urban areas has been realised in practice and is taken into account in decision making (i.e. case studies, grants, funding, policy and lessons learned – what worked, what didn’t, what are the barriers)?
  • Consider the way forward for developing and refining the Ecosystem Services approach and developing Payments for Ecosystem Service schemes for the forestry sector (e.g. what partnerships should be formed, what support should be provided, how (and where) should this support best be communicated)?

Meeting notes (PDF-35K)


Full agenda

Who was the event suitable for?

Forest owners and managers, others with an interest in ecosystems services.

ICF members but open to others as part of inter-disciplinary and cross-sector approach (i.e. ConFor, RFS, RICS, IEEM etc.).

Where did the event take place?

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH


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